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Does Warzone Have Anti-Cheat?

Does Warzone have an anti-cheat system?
Does Warzone have an anti-cheat system? / Photo courtesy of Treyarch/Activision

Does Warzone have an anti-cheat system in place? The Call of Duty battle royale remains one of the most popular video games, but many elements of its massive fan base believe the game to be overrun with cheaters using third-party software to get an unfair advantage. Could so many cheaters thrive in the game if it had an anti-cheat system in place?

It may be a surprise for those players who have run into cheaters, but Warzone does run an anti-cheat system. In general, no major, competitive multiplayer game is released without some attempt to curtail cheating.

Unlike Valve Anti-Cheat or Riot Vanguard, Warzone's anti-cheat isn't a heralded or even well-known system. Public details about its functionality are few, and Activision doesn't publicize it the same way Riot Games does its system.

Infinity Ward said in October it had banned more than 200,000 accounts, but we've had no updates since then, and account bans can only do so much to stop cheaters. Warzone's being free to play means the barrier to making a new account and cheating again is very low.

Activision and Treyarch, the studio that took over from Infinity Ward with the release of Cold War, have yet to announce any changes to the anti-cheat system currently in place.