Does Warzone Require PS Plus?

Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward
Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward /

Does Warzone require PS Plus is a question many want answers to after the new Call of Duty battle royale went live Tuesday. The free-to-play battle royale doesn't require a PS Plus subscription, but if you plan on playing multiplayer, you will need to purchase the PS Plus in the PlayStation Store.

Does Warzone Require PS Plus?

Modern Warfare offers a unique player experience across all platforms. It allows players to jump right into the action and experience a range of Multiplayer games including Team Deathmatch and Domination. As a PS4 user, in order to access these different types of modes, players must purchase a PS Plus subscription.

To purchase PS Plus, go to the Playstation Store on your PS4. Scroll down to the Playstation Plus option in the menu and purchase the pass that works best for you. Sony offers yearly and monthly subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $59.99. With PS Plus, you will gain access Modern Warfare in its entirety.

If you don't plan on playing Modern Warfare online and just want to play Warzone online, no subscription is required for PS4 users. Xbox One users aren't so lucky because its users will be required to purchase an Xbox Live Gold membership to play Warzone.