Does Warzone Rumble Affect Your KD: Your Questions Answered

Warzone Rumble is a new mode added during the season 4 update. Is it any good and does it affect your kd?
Warzone Rumble is a new mode added during the season 4 update. Is it any good and does it affect your kd? / Photo by Chaz Frazer / DBLTAP

Does Warzone Rumble affect your KD is a quick question with a quick answer: yes. Debuting in Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the new 50v50 Team Deathmatch-style limited time mode was introduced to give players the option to battle it out on a smaller, constricted map of Verdansk with unlimited respawns until the time or score limit is reached by one team. 

As this mode is technically a multiplayer mode, scoring kills and deaths will count toward your kill-death ratio. Players have been taking to the mode to practice their sniping on the Warzone map, but it has been received with mixed feelings. Many complain that the map is a sniper and camp fest, littered with nothing but AX-50s, HDRs, Graus and the occasional ODEN. The open nature of the Warzone map encourages this gameplay, and the limited cover makes traversing the map a death wish. 

Warzone Rumble Affects Multiplayer Kill-Death Ratio

Spawning in the map after a death is a bit different than in traditional Multiplayer. Players spawn in just like in Plunder, the pre-Warzone practice lobby, and after a Gulag win or team revive. This means that upon respawn you are incredibly vulnerable, and expect to be shot or sniped out of the air before you get a chance to touch down on the ground. 

Players are already tired of the mode, so don’t expect it to stick around for long unless the area of the map changes, or the gameplay is tweaked in some manner. A new Ground War map was added alongside the Season 4 update - a section that includes Promenade West. This part of the Warzone map plays much better than the Warzone Rumble variant, and spawns are traditional for a Ground War map. If looking to experience a part of the Warzone world in multiplayer, this is by far a much better option.