Doom Eternal Exultia Secrets: How to Find the 15 Secrets

Doom Eternal Exultia has a handful of secretes stretched across the map.
Doom Eternal Exultia has a handful of secretes stretched across the map. / Image courtesy of id Software

Doom Eternal Exultia has a handful of secrets stretched across the map.

The secrets are exploration items that appear in both sections of the map, Exultia and Hell. There are 15 items in total, and some of them automatically appear as you walk around. But, the secrets are hidden and will not appear until you take a stroll past it.

Once you find one, it'll appear as a question mark. Here's all of the secret items in the map Exultia.

Doom Eternal Exultia Secrets

First, there are two toys that you can find. One is Arachnotron, which you can get by punching through a dark wall, and the other is Cacodemon, which you find shortly after meeting The Betrayer.

Then, you can find the secret album, At Doom's Door by punching a huge box by the robots arm, which reveals a passage that leads you to the album. After that is the Sentinel Crystal that you'll find if you enter the giant demon's body in Hell and sift through the purple ooze and defeat an attacking tentacle.

To find the Slayer Gate and Empyrean Key, you must enter a cave to the left of the Slayer Gate. There are yellow orbs that replenishes your dashes. Make your way to a ledge overlooking the room and dash to the otherside and exit the cave. Once you're out, the key will be below you. The key will get you through the Slayer Gate where you conquer the battle arena and get the Empyrean Key.

That's the secrets in Doom Eternal's Exultia level.