Doom Eternal Level 3 Secrets: Where to Find Them

Doom Eternal Level 3 Secrets
Doom Eternal Level 3 Secrets / Photo Courtesy of Bethesda Games

Doom Eternal Level 3 secrets can be found in Cultist Base, which has 17 collectible items scattered across the base. Here are some of the items you will encounter and how to find them.

Doom Eternal Level 3 Secrets: Where to Find Them

The hidden items in Cultist Base include two Toys, two hidden Sentinel Batteries, one Album, one hidden Secret Encounter, one Empyrean Key, one hidden Praetor Suit Point, and one Cheat Code.

  • Toy One Gargoyle: The Gargoyle can be found on the giant horned skull at the start of the mission.
  • Toy Two Soldier (Blaster): Fight your way through a room full of enemies into a corridor that has falling blades. Turn right midway through the tunnel and break the vent.
  • Cheat Code IDDQD: Break all the locks in the room full of enemies. Before you jump down onto the structure in the center of the room, a question mark will appear above it.
  • Sentinel Battery One: The Battery can be found above the doorway past the first battle encounter. Double jump on the ledge and break through the vent onto the jump pad.
  • Sentinel Battery Two: Head to the tower with the moving platforms. Turn to the area where demons are hanging from the ceiling. The battery can be seen hidden behind the gate and can be accessed by one of the moving platforms.
  • Album DOOM II Into Sandy's City: Found in the room with giant spikes falling from the ceiling. Jump on top of them when they fall and quickly get to the far end of the room to find the Album.
  • Praetor Suit Point: Head down the path after defeating the snake-like enemies. Look for the breakable wall and smash it. Follow the path until you find the Praetor Suit Point.
  • Secret Combat Encounter: Go to the corridor with spikes found in the area right after you climb up the towers. Before going through them, look to your right. There will be two land mines and a body shield. Break the wall and you'll find the Secret Combat Encounter.

The more DOOM Eternal levels you complete, the more in-game cosmetic rewards you earn for your player. These items can be used in Battlemode and are available at no additional cost.