DOOM Eternal Markiplier Easter Egg was Found

DOOM Eternal's Markiplier Easter Egg hits all the feels.
DOOM Eternal's Markiplier Easter Egg hits all the feels. / Bethesda

DOOM Eternal's Markiplier Easter Egg hits all the feels. Even though DOOM Eternal was released just a few days ago, players have found dozens of easter eggs in the game, including one DOOM Eternal Markiplier easter egg on a bookshelf .

DOOM Eternal Markiplier Easter Egg

There's a lot for players to explore in Slayer's home base but one bookcase will immediately catch your eye and shows that the expert demon slayer is also an impressive reader. Among the numerous book titles is one called "How to Comb Your Mustache" by Clifton M. Fischbach.

At first glance, it may not seem like much, but it's actually an easter egg for famous YouTube content creator Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach, who has been a vocal fan of the Doom franchise for years. Clifton M. Fischbach is the name of Mark's father who passed away in 2008 and introduced Mark to the DOOM series early in his childhood. Add that to the fact that Markiplier's community is known for a pink mustache and everything comes together to form one of the most wholesome easter eggs the DOOM community has ever seen.

What makes the easter egg even better is that Clifton's wife had the maiden name Doom, which made it all the more appropriate that Markiplier would grow up loving the DOOM series and that his father Clifton would get a reference in the latest DOOM game.

Markiplier has already started his making his way through the game and discovered the easter egg early on in his run. There's already a video of him reacting to the easter egg, along with several Reddit threads filled with fans posting their support for the DOOM development team making the choice to put the easter egg into the game.