DOOM Eternal Nekravol Collectibles Locations

DOOM Eternal Nekravol collectibles locations are scattered throughout the game.
DOOM Eternal Nekravol collectibles locations are scattered throughout the game. / id Software

DOOM Eternal Nekravol collectibles locations are scattered throughout the game. There are hundreds of collectible items to be found in DOOM Eternal. Nekravol, itself, has 19 unique items and locations waiting to be discovered. As Nekravol is the tenth mission in the game, players should already be familiar with how to go about their slaying-spree while knowing what to look out for.

For those who may get a bit carried away in one direction or the other, here's a useful guide on all the collectibles to be found in this area.

Nekravol Collectibles Locations

There are three toys, three extra lives, three Praetor suit tokens, two mastery tokens, two codex pages, two secret encounters, a cheat code, an automap station, an album, and one sentinel crystal on this map.


The first toy, the "Baron of Hell," can be found by dropping down through a hole in the floor right above the pickup.

The second toy, "Gladiator," can be found up and around the corner from your first secret encounter location.

The third toy, "Doom Hunter," is right before the fifth encounter room. You'll find yourself walking under two crushing traps. The toy is located on the right wall just under the first trap.

Extra Lives

The first extra life can be found in the first encounter area. After slaying your enemies, open the door, and use the bars to make your way to an open window on the left side tower. Climb up and inside to claim it.

The second extra life is in the fourth encounter room. Jump around a corner to grab a wall, go left, and the life will be waiting down the hallway.

The final extra live is on you just might need. It's located in the final encounter room. There will be bars in the middle area which you can use to jump to the platform in the back. Once there, jump to the platform that holds this item.

Praetor Suit Tokens

The first token can be found after killing Kalibas. It's sitting to the right in the next room.

The second token comes immediately after the trap room and will be sitting on the path in plain sight.

The third token is at the very end of the map. Before you punch the statue to make your way to the end of the level, you'll find this item sitting in plain view. You can't miss it.

Mastery Tokens

In a room filled with crushing traps, the first mastery token can be found on the opposite side wall of where you entered.

The second token can be found after the fifth encounter room in the same place as the third toy.

Codex Pages

The "Nekravol" codex page can be found immediately upon entering the building. Go up, jumping across the upper platforms, to find it sitting in plain view.

The "Fuel the Eternal Flame" codex page can be found near the skull switches. Instead of going left to activate the second switch, go right and around the corner.

Secret Encounters

The first encounter can be found immediately after picking up the second Praetor suit token. Drop down and turn around to find a ledge that you can dash to. This is in the complete opposite direction of where you think you should be going, but don't worry. The encounter spawns a Soldier and a Hell Knight and you will only have 10 seconds to kill both.

The second encounter comes after the skull switches. After activating both green skull switches, go back to before you found the third toy and second mastery token in room five. The second secret encounter should now be open. It includes a Baron of Hell as well as two zombies. You have 30 seconds to kill all three.

Cheat Code

The cheat code, known as "Famine Mode," can be found after using the first switch on the left after encountering a second set of crushing traps. Drop down into the hole in the following room.

Automap Station

The automap station can be found near the location of the second praetor suit token. Drop down on the right side of it to find the station.


The album "KEEN – You’ve Got to Eat Your Vegetables" is located upstairs and around the corner from the second secret encounter location—again, near where you would've found the third toy and second mastery token.

Sentinel Crystal

In the first area you enter where you're given the option to go left or right through the wall, choose left. This crystal will be waiting on the path for you.