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Doom Skins Heading Back to Fall Guys

Image courtesy of Mediatonic

Three Doom-themed skins are making their way back to the Fall Guys item store for a limited time. Here's what you need to know.

Even in its relatively short lifetime so far, Fall Guys has had plenty of crossovers and collaborations — often in the form of specially designed skins. From Sonic the Hedgehod to Assassin's Creed, plenty of iconic characters have been given the bean treatment.

And famous FPS shooter Doom has been no stranger to the obstacle course, either. Three character skins: Doom Slayer, Cyber Demon and Cacodemon were all made available for players to purchase with in-game currency. And now they're back in the item store once again.

Doom Skins Back in Fall Guys for Limited Time

The three Doom-themed skins will be available in Fall Guys from Aug. 18 to Aug. 22, 2022.

Players have been given another chance to grab Doom Slayer, Cyber Demon and Cacodemon as special bean-style skins in case they missed out the first time round. As usual, the skins come as a two-part set — a top half and a bottom half.

It's unclear whether the skins will be back again after Aug. 22, but most skins often come back into rotation at some point.