Doomsday Prepper Guide Location in Fortnite

Doomsday Prepper Guide Location in Fortnite
Doomsday Prepper Guide Location in Fortnite / Epic Games

Players need to find the Doomsday Prepper Guide in Fortnite to complete a recent in-game challenge.

The Doomsday Prepper Guide task can only be obtained once players find all the clues in Corny Complex, place enough Missing Person Signs, and pay a visit all of Farmer Steel's favorite places. Once all three of these are complete, players will finally be directed to find the guide.

At least someone on Fortnite Island was prepared.

Doomsday Prepper Guide Fortnite

The Doomsday Prepper Guide can be found in two of the structures within and around Steamy Stacks—specifically, the primary tower that sits just before the second reactor and inside Hydro 16. Steamy Stacks can be a confusing place with a lot of similar areas, so we encourage players to take their time and retrace their steps if they get turned around.

Fortunately, players don't have to travel the tower to reach the Guide as it'll be on the ground floor. The most distinct aspect of this area is the giant orange double doors that lead into its immediate location. The Guide can be found to the right of a small staircase just before a pair of wooden crates.

Within Hydro 16—located directly east of Slurpy Swamp—players should look for an administrative room with a desk, old white desktop computer, and file cabinet with file boxes to the right along the back wall. The Guide will be between the cabinet and the brown rolling desk chair.

The Doomsday Prepper Guide, itself looks like a blue book with a design on the front and tabs sticking out the left side.