Dot's Home Named Games for Change Game of the Year: Full List of Winners

Dot's Home won two major awards at the 2022 Games for Change Awards.
Dot's Home won two major awards at the 2022 Games for Change Awards. / Courtesy of Rise-Home Stories/Weathered Sweater

Emotional 2D narrative game Dot's Home won the awards for Game of the Year and Best Narrative at this year's Games for Change Awards, held Friday night in New York.

"Wow! Another one!" developer and publisher Rise-Home Stories tweeted after the second win. "Thank you SO much @G4C for naming Dot's Home the #GameOfTheYear! This is truly an honor! Shoutout to the others games that were nominated & the immense amount of work their teams poured into their games."

Dot's Home follows Dorothea Hawkins, a young Black woman who moves into her grandmother's home and relives significant moments in her family's history, reckoning with race, the past and the notion of home along the way. It's available to play for free on Steam and the Apple App Store.

Games for Change, founded in 2004, aims to recognize and empower game makers who aim for real-world change with their games. In addition to the yearly Games for Change Awards, the nonprofit runs events, public arcades, design challenges and youth programs around the world.

Games for Change Award Winners

  • Game of the Year — Dot's Home (Weathered Sweater & Rise-Home Stories Project)
  • Best Narrative — Dot's Home (Weathered Sweater & Rise-Home Stories Project)
  • Most Innovative — The Vale: Shadow of the Crown (Falling Squirrel)
  • Most Significant Impact — Svoboda 1945: Liberation (Charles Games)
  • Best Student Game — There You Are (Funky Dango)
  • Best Learning Game — Ava (Team Ava)
  • Best XR4C Experience — The Choice (Joanne Popinska)
  • G4C People's Choice Award — BeatNic Boulevard (skillsgapp)
  • Best Health Game — BeatNic Boulevard (skillsgapp)
  • Best Civics Game — VOCPOP (Gigantic Mechanic)
  • Best Gameplay — Before Your Eyes (GoodbyeWorld Games)
  • 2022 Vanguard Award — Eve Crevoshay
  • Industry Leadership Award — Schell Games
  • G4C Giving Award — Child's Play
  • Accessibility Award — Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Insomniac Games)