Dota 2 Battle Pass Revealed for The International 9

The Dota 2 Battle Pass was revealed Tuesday ahead of The International 9, Valve's annual world championship for Dota 2.

Dota 2 Battle Pass Released for TI9

The International Battle Pass serves as fresh content each year and a giant crowdfunding sigil for the tournament's prize pool. Since release, the prize pool has jumped to $6,623,922 and counting. A quarter of all Battle Pass sales go toward the prize pool for the event.

The Battle Pass is highlighted by the Wrath of the Mo'rokai special event. Other selling points include the Jungle Expedition, the Coach's Challenge and more.

"The International Battle Pass is here to blaze a trail into the heart of the Dota summer season. Loaded full of exclusive features and legendary rewards, the Battle Pass is your treasure map to mythic fortune and glory as we journey o the conclusion of this year's Dota Pro Circuit and the ultimate showdown in Shanghai," Valve said in the announcement.

There are three entry levels of purchase for the Battle Pass:

  • Battle Pass Standard - $9.99
  • Battle Pass Level 50 - $29.35 (Includes standard Battle Pass + Level 50)
  • Battle Pass Level 100 - $44.99 (Includes standard Battle Pass + Level 100)

The International 2019 is set to take place Aug. 15-25 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.

Photo courtesy of Valve