Dota 2's Immortal Treasure 3 was revealed Tuesday morning, just nine days before the start of The International 9.

Dota 2 Immortal Treasure 3 Revealed

The full list of regular Dota 2 cosmetics included in Immortal Treasure 3 is as follows:

  • Crucible of Rile (Axe) — Head item with custom Berserker's Call effect
  • Maraxiform's Fate (Clinkz) — Weapon and Summon with custom Strafe and Burning Army effects
  • Scythes of Sorrow (Terroblade) — Weapon with custom Metamorphosis attack
  • Bloodmayne Avenger (Lycan) — Head item with custom Howl effect
  • Progenitor's Bane (Mars) — Weapon with custom Spear of Mars effect
  • First of the Flood (Slardar) — Back item with custom Guardian Sprint effect and sound

In addition to those cosmetics are four rare rewards players can receive when opening treasures. Those include 50 free levels in the Battle Pass at rare, Golden Crucible of Rile for Axe at very rare, the Ghost Shroud effect-producing Necrophos leg item Sullen Rampart at ultra rare, and the Overgrown Emblem at cosmically rare.

Chen, Techies, Io and Arc Warden are the only four heroes in Dota 2 that have yet to receive an Immortal item.

TI9 is scheduled to take place from Aug. 20 to Aug. 25.

Photo courtesy of Valve