Dota 2 matchmaking update went live Tuesday and is making some sweeping changes to the way ranked games will be played going forward. This update was originally part of the Summer Scrub, but was shifted to release Tuesday because of just how extensive the changes were. The community is still taking in the changes, so their response has been mixed. Here's a rundown of what we're looking at:

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation

Dota 2 Matchmaking Update

Valve put out a really dense statement on their matchmaking changes, explaining all of the reasoning behind the update. We'll just hit you with the most important bits, so if you're down for a long read, check out their original post.

First, the really controversial change: solo and party matchmaking ratings are no longer tracked separately. If you're a 4k mmr player and you queue up with your friend who is 2k mmr, Valve believes that their new system will be able to give you an even match.

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation

Valve, as well as a large portion of the playerbase, felt that the old ranked matchmaking system encouraged players to only play solo queue, avoiding the more social aspects of the game. They're hoping that this change will make players more willing to game together.

Ranked Roles is also being removed as a feature, and all ranked games going forward will have you queue for the position you want: Mid Lane, Safe Lane, Off Lane, Soft Support, or Hard Support. Your mmr will also be tracked separately when you play a core position (mid, safe, or off) versus a support position.

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation

These two changes are experimental, so they could be rolled back in the future if the community finds them troublesome. There have also been a ton of back end changes to help catch smurfs, account buyers, rage quitters, and abusive players, so you can probably expect the quality of your games to go up.

Overall, this is a pretty promising update, and it's cool that Valve has been so forward with their thoughts on all the changes.

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