Dota 2 Patch 7.22e is likely the final patch before Valve's record-setting annual tournament, The International 2019. That means that it's probably Valve's last chance to touch-up meta picks and less popular heroes before they hit the big stage. Here are the five biggest changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.22e.

5. Dark Seer Ion Shell Nerf

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation

Dark Seer has been nerfed four times over the lifespan of Patch 7.22, and his early laning phase is still getting hit. Ion Shell's damage at Level 5 is still the same, but its Level 1 damage is down to just 24 damage per second.

4. Centaur Hoof Stomp Nerf

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation

Hoof Stomp has gone from having a 13-second cooldown at all levels to having a whopping 22-second cooldown at Level 1, scaling down to 13. It is going to be far harder for Centaur players to press their early endurance advantage when they can't consistently have their stun available.

3. Stout Shield Doesn't Stack

Stacking Stout Shields has been a staple of melee offlane play since the beginning of Dota 2, but this is where it dies. You can still expect to see tanks like Axe and Centaur creep skipping with extra regen items, but heroes like Broodmother will relish this change.

2. Morphling Aghanim's Scepter Nerf

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation

Morphling's Aghanim's Scepter upgrade will still be worth getting, but it's losing its 35% cooldown reduction in exchange for the ability to always target allies. This is a huge hit, especially to the Morphling + Earthshaker combo.

1. Ember Slight of Fist Nerf

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation

Slight of Fist can no longer be cast while Ember Spirit is rooted. This brings the ability in line with other mobility and evasion options, but it's a huge hit to Ember's core kit. He depends on getting in and out of his fight with Fire Remnant, then using Slight of Fist for damage and delays. Now roots from Rod of Atos and Fortune's End will pose a serious threat to Ember's life.

Cover Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation