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Dota 2 Updates: When to Expect the Next Dota 2 Update

Dota 2 updates exist on strange schedule, and it can be a long time between each update. Valve is notorious for taking its time on gameplay updates since the last one launched on March 24.

Though, as smaller patch updates go, the last one went live on March 11.

Dota 2 Updates: When to Expect the Next Dota 2 Update

It's hard to predict when the next update will launch as Valve doesn't release any type of roadmap or a predictable schedule. March 24 was about three weeks ago, so you could see a new addition to the game by the end of April. Though, if I was a betting man, I would say the next update is going live sometime in May.

One of the more recent changes was when the Drow Ranger received a remodel.

The changes to Drow Ranger's model affect everything from her outfit to her facial tattoos. The most noticeable change is the toned down sexualization, as the new model gives Drow Ranger some actual pants instead of what are, I guess, just thigh high socks and a loin cloth.​ It also closes up the belly window that used to decorate her armor.

Hopefully, by the end of April or sometime in May, the Dota 2 community will receive more hero remodels and possibly a new hero in general.

Photo courtesy of Valve