Dota Underlords Assassins builds are a lot of fun; stacking critical strikes with high amounts of damage and attack speed leads to quick, volatile rounds. Assassins require you to adapt and have a strong understanding of the basics of the game, but here are some tips to help you up your game with them.

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Dota Underlords Assassins Build Guide

There are two main challenges to doing well with Assassins:
1. Knowing which Assassins to build.
2. Knowing which other heroes to add into your lineup.

In most games you can safely pick Assassins with the following priority:
Templar Assassin
Phantom Assassin
Queen of Pain
Bounty Hunter
Sand King

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In an ideal world, you can replace your low cost Assassins with higher cost Assassins without losing out on star ratings, but don't worry too much about having all the right assassins if you have 6 of them and they're all leveled up.

For your other heroes, you usually want to include some tanks. As cool as it sounds to have six Assassins and a Crystal Maiden to give them all mana, you have to bear in mind that Crystal Maiden is too squishy to survive on her own after your Assassins jump to the backline, so you probably won't get good use out of her. You want durable units whose synergies overlap with your other Assassins, like Tidehunter when you have Slark or Treant Protector when you have Templar Assassin and Phantom Assassin.

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