Dota Underlords best alliances are difficult to nail down because Valve is constantly updating the game. Looking at the current meta, we can see what makes an alliance powerful and why you're seeing a lot of the same alliances winning games.

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Dota Underlords Best Alliances

Generally you want your alliances to be low investments with high returns. If you need six heroes of a specific type to get your alliance bonus, then you need to already doing well in the late game to make your alliance work.

For this reason, the Dragon and Demon Hunter alliances are among the best in the game. The Dragon alliance turns 2 lackluster heroes into potential carries — especially if you get Dragon Knight and Viper together. It also fits easily into any lineup. The Demon Hunter alliance is easy to get early on with the Strange Bedfellows global item, which can make the game for you by letting you switch into a full Demon lineup.

You can also think of Heartless as being low investment, since just two Heartless will let you start stripping armor from enemies, and you can usually ensure that one of your Heartless is a damage dealer, like Drow Ranger.

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Assassins, Hunters, Knights, Mages, Trolls, and Warlocks are all also good, but they require a lot more heroes — and in the case of Trolls you need a specific 4-cost hero, which you're never guaranteed to get. These alliances make up your long-term goals, but you have to be flexible with them.

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