Dota Underlords mage build guide is interesting because mages are one of the more fascinating alliances to build in Valve's new game. They can be a bit random, and they really struggle against certain builds, but when they work, they can crush opposing teams in spectacular ways.

But what's the best way to build with mages? Let's take a look:

Dota Underlords Mage Build Guide: Two Ways to Play

The first way to play mages is to go for a three mage lineup with a Crystal Maiden, an Ogre Magi, and either a Razor or a Puck. The idea here is that Razor and Puck put out consistent damage and have good synergies, while Crystal Maiden and Ogre Magi both do a good job of buffing up a core of Knights, Warriors, Trolls, etc. This composition does well with non-mage heroes who have damaging abilities, like Shadow Fiend, because they get the benefit of the mage alliance, but your team will be more durable than a six mage lineup. If you can put a Radiance on a tanky knight or warrior, they'll deal tons of damage with the magic resist reduction from your mage alliance.

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The second way to play mages is to go all in. This usually only works late into the game because several of the better mages are expensive, and you absolutely need a Crystal Maiden that's Level 2 or 3. If you happen to get the Tier 3 item Final Flash and a Refresher Orb or two, you'll be clearing the board incredibly quickly.

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There are two things you look for in your mages: area damage and cast time. Puck and Razor are great staples in a mage lineup because their abilities are very likely to go off before they get killed, whereas Lich and Lina have long animations and Keeper of the Light has a massive cast time. The latter three mages also have really specific individual drawbacks:

Lich's ultimate, Chain Frost, moves slowly. If you don't have a way to get the ability out quickly, the fight will likely end before the ability finishes bouncing.
Lina deals great single target damage, but her target selection isn't very good. She might end up overkilling enemies or ulting a full HP enemy instead of one she could kill.

Keeper of the Light can clear an entire board of low level heroes, but because of his low HP and armor he is very vulnerable to assassins, and his cast time leaves him open to silences and stuns, which will gimp his damage.

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Finally, no matter that mage composition you're running with, remember to space your units out to avoid Disruptor's Static Storm and Kunkka's Ghost Ship, and always include a durable non-mage hero like Tiny or Axe on your back line to prevent assassins or Pudge from blowing up your backline mages.

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