The Dota Underlords meta has shifted dramatically since Valve's Auto Chess style game went into beta a month ago. We've seen three major patches that have reworked alliances and breathed life into heroes and items. So how has that changed the way the game is played?

The Dota Underlords Meta: How the Game Has Changed

Those of you who played during the closed beta period might remember a time when Hunters were the be-all, end-all of Underlords — especially Drow Ranger. Before the first balance update June 17, the Hunter synergy would cause Hunters to have a 15/25% chance to rapidly attack three extra times after hitting an enemy. Before that patch, building Hunters was almost always the best way to win games, even if you were competing with other players for heroes.

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The June 25 balance update came with some massive tweaks to the Dragon and Knight alliances — and Dragon Knight became one of the best heroes in the game. Knights are incredibly strong to build now, and they do really well against lineups that depend on lots of small attacks.

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Prior to the July 4 update, losing streaks were about as good as winning streaks. This update nerfed losing streaks and the Silver Lining item, and changed the Warlock and Shaman synergies. Warlocks went from giving a low amount of team-wide lifesteal to giving a large amount of lifesteal to low HP allies, and Shamans went from auto-hexing an enemy at the start of a fight to draining mana from crowd controlled enemies.

The strongest teams now are using a mix of Knights and Warlocks, since both alliances have some really strong heroes, and together the synergies make your board nearly unkillable.

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