Dota Underlords Team Comps: How to Build a Winning Team

Dota Underlords team comps are important to optimize to get the most out of your experience in the new auto chess game from Valve.

The Alliance mechanic is a great way to introduce players to building synergistic team compositions, and leveling up units is usually a great way to improve your teams, but those two mechanics alone won't get you too far. To get from being top four in your lobbies to consistently being top three or top two, you need to exploit synergies across different alliances, and you need to know which units are worth leveling and which units are worth having multiples of.

As a general note, adapting your strategy to whatever units and items you're being offered is always crucial — you can't queue up to a game expecting to have 10 specific heroes and all of the items you want, but also know that you can safely change strategies as late as turn 15 or 20 if new opportunities are creeping up.

Dota Underlords Team Comps Guide

Here are examples of some of our favorite compositions to end up with:

6 Warriors, 4 Trolls, and 1 Filler (usually Disruptor, Tidehunter, or Enigma): This strategy relies heavily on Troll Warlord as your main source of damage. He's both a Troll and a Warrior, so he'll have massively boosted armor and attack speed. Usually you want to give him an item that boosts damage, crit, or attack speed, like a Mask of Madness or a Daedalus, but you shouldn't feel bad about giving him a Black King Bar against a heavy magic damage team.

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation
Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation /

2 Dragons, 6 Knights, 3 Filler (Trolls, Warlocks, Crystal Maiden, or the usual Tidehunter, Kunkka, Doom, or Enigma): Dragon Knight is the key to this strategy. He fits both the Dragon and Knight alliances and he acts as a hyper carry. Your main goal is to keep him alive so he can enter his Dragon Form and get to killing enemies. Dragon Knight scales incredibly well with levels, improving stats and gaining bonus corrosion damage and an AoE attack.

Screen Capture of Arc Warden Strat
Screen Capture of Arc Warden Strat /

Arc Warden, Crystal Maiden, 6 Scrappy, 2 Filler (Either additional Crystal Maidens or Tidehunter/Doom/Kunkka): This strategy is incredibly vulnerable to Mage compositions and it depends on getting a specific item, so don't assume you can make this work every game. When it does work, though, you'll be busting your opponents each round for 40+ damage.

The trick here is to get Arc Warden with a Refresher Orb. Then you want either one Crystal Maiden at Level 3, or preferably three different Crystal Maidens. For whatever reason, Crystal Maiden's aura stacks. That means that two Crystal Maidens at level 2 plus one Crystal Maiden at Level 1 will actually restore more mana for your team than a single Crystal Maiden at Level 3.

Six seconds into the fight, you get a second Arc Warden. Then another one after four more seconds, and from that point your Arc Wardens will double every four seconds or so.

Cover Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation