Dota Underlords tips and tricks can help you win more of your matches. Whether you're new to Auto Chess games or climbing up the Dota Underlords Leaderboard, it's good to keep these ideas in mind while playing.

Dota Underlords Tips and Tricks

Adapt to the heroes you are offered: In the first few rounds, you might decide you want to aim for a specific build, like Scrappy & Inventor. Up to wave 7, you should still spend all of your gold each round on heroes, even if they don't fit the alliances you're aiming for. If you get a two-star hero early, you're more likely to win rounds and you have the option of pivoting your build around a different synergy.

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Some heroes have synergies outside of their alliances: Crystal Maiden, for instance, does really well in a Scrappy lineup because Scrappy units tend to have good abilities. Kunkka and Enigma do well together because Ghost Ship keeps enemies in place while Midnight Pulse deals tons of damage. Drow's Precision Aura ability works well with Troll Warlord, and her Undead alliance can increase his damage output.

Upgrading your level is only good if you can put a strong hero on the board: If you can't field a hero that makes your board much stronger, it's better to save your gold for income than to spend it on levels. Generally, you want to add in a leveled up hero or one that activates an alliance bonus.

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