Dota Underlords to Receive Duos and Underlords in Future Updates

Valve released new Dota Underlords information on the game's official Twitter account about upcoming changes they have planned for the game.

Dota Underlords Update About Updates

It seems like Valve is looking for ways to shake thing up and keep players engaged.

Duos is coming to Underlords some time within the next two weeks. We don't know what it will look like yet, but this should be a big fix to one of the Auto Chess genre's biggest weaknesses — they aren't made to play with a friend.

Underlords are coming. We've known about the four Underlords for a long time, but it's great to hear that they're just a few weeks away.

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation
Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation /

New Heroes and Alliances are on the way. Valve did mention that some of these changes will be coming near the end of Season 0, while others would come at the start of Season 1, and these changes are more likely in the latter group. Still, it will be cool to see which Dota heroes get ported over next.

Cover Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation