Dota Underlords Update Notes: New Patch Changes Winning and Losing Streaks

Dota Underlords July 4 Update included the addition of new leaderboards, bug fixes, new items, changes to win and loss streaks, and plenty of balance changes.

Complete patch notes can be found on the Underlords website.

Dota Underlords July 4 Update

Players who reach the rank of Big Boss 5 will be eligible to show up on the new leaderboards, where they're ordered based on ranked matchmaking rating.

Demon Hunters and Techies have had their behaviors fixed; Demon Hunters will now always disable enemy Demon buffs, and Techies will place his mines correctly (placing them near enemies instead of away from them).

Streaks have been reworked. Loss streaks now cap out at +2 gold at five losses, and win-streaks now have higher scaling, but reset after 8 wins.

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation
Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation /

There are now three new support items: Force Staff (Tier 3), Scythe of Vyse (Tier 4), and Big-Time Contract (Tier 2).

In addition to the loss streak reworks, Silver Lining has been nerfed. It now builds charges on victories, consuming a single charge on a loss to give you one gold.

Shaman Pluck and Blink Dagger both received fairly substantial buffs, while Tooth and Claw as well as Coordinated Assault have been fixed.

Medusa, Lycan, Venomancer, Disruptor, and Warlock are all getting buffs, with Disruptor's being the most significant. Not only does Static Storm now blind opponents within it, causing them to miss 25% of attacks, but Disruptor has gained a third unit type — Warlock. Which is fitting because...

Warlocks and Shaman Alliance bonuses have been reworked.

Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation
Image Courtesy of Valve Corporation /

Warlocks now provide substantially more life steal, but only sometimes to a single target. Overall this should be a major buff, since life steal provides more impact on heroes who already have low health, and you usually want it to kick in at about the time other spells go off.

Shamans no longer hex a random enemy at the start of a round, but instead cause attacks on targets affected by their spells to drain a ton of mana. This should make them even more effective against mage lineups.

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