Double Incubator Effectiveness Pokemon GO: A Month of Bonuses

Double Incubator Effectiveness in Pokemon GO will be able to be enjoyed for three weeks during the Ultra Bonus. In addition to the bonus encounters and different theme weeks, each week of bonuses will also double the effectiveness of all Incubators.

Double Incubator Effectiveness Pokemon GO

For three weeks from Sept. 2-23, all Incubators will have double effectiveness. That means that the time it takes to hatch Eggs will be cut in half. The next few weeks will also feature special Pokemon to entice you to use the Incubator bonus.

This week, Sept. 2-9, special Unown spelling ULTRA will have a chance to hatch from 10km Eggs.

The second week of the Ultra Bonus will feature region exclusive Pokemon. Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros will be able to be hatched from 7km Eggs during this week.

Super Incubators will let you hatch Eggs like a maniac, letting you hatch 10km Eggs for a mere 3.3km during the event. The Region exclusives will be worth saving up some Super Incubators for.

While you're hatching Eggs for Unown this week, you can also find Shiny Sentret and Shiny Gligar for the Johto themed bonus.