Downed Apex Legends Players Can Block Zip Lines

Downed players can block zip lining enemies.
Downed players can block zip lining enemies. / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Being the first player knocked down in a fight often means you won't be able to help your teammates for the duration of the conflict. Your greatest hope is only that you might survive, maybe handing over some information about enemy positioning while you cower in fear.

But there are more ways for downed players to contribute in combat. Most players know that, even when downed, they can block closed doors. This clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Friday by u/I-KIA, shows that downed players can also prevent enemies from hopping off zip lines.

In the clip, I-KIA gets knocked down just as they reach the top of a vertical zip line. As soon as they land, they move to block the zip line and raise their knockdown shield. Enemy after enemy tries to ride the lineup, and each one is knocked back down to the ground.

The tactic doesn't work out in the end, but applied in other situations the stall it provides could mean the difference between life and death.