Doxy Oddity in Wizards Unite: Everything You Need to Know

Doxy is one of the rarer Foundables in the Oddities family in Wizards Unite. Oddities have always been an outlandish bunch as they require combat to subdue rather than a simple water charm or knock back jinx. Here's everything you need to know to go Doxy-ing.

Doxy Oddity Wizards Unite: Everything you need to know

According to Pottermore, a Doxy is "a flying household pest with a poisonous bite. It lays up to five hundred eggs at a time, which would only be deemed fit for consumption by a complete idiot"—referencing Cormac McLaggen's incident that landed him in the hospital wing.

Doxy as it appears in the Oddities Registry page.
Doxy as it appears in the Oddities Registry page. /

Doxies are first referenced in SOS Assignment 14: "All in One," in which the first task calls for five "Doxy droppings" to be recovered from five Doxy Foundables. Keep in mind that in order to return Doxy Foundable fragments, you'll need to battle them as if you were in a Fortress.

They are one of the rarer Foundables in this family as they only have a 1 in 16 chance of spawning. Similar to Leprechauns, Doxies will only spawn during what the game recognizes as dawn, which begins an hour before sunrise through an hour after sunrise in your area.

This has drawn ire from many players as most are loathe to get up around what would be 4am to search. Others have also complained about the dismal spawn rate and shared stories on Reddit of their lack of success.

Remember to stay safe at odd hours if you go hunting for these pests!

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