Dr. Disrespect Calls for Activision to Fix DMR and MAC-10 in Warzone

Photo by Treyarch/Activision

Warzone's Meta has been dominated by the DMR and MAC-10 as of recently, and many have taken notice. Players are setting the weapons as their default loadouts and are absolutely shredding the competition. Dr. Disrespect has expressed his anger with the weapons and the overall state of the game. He's even called it the "worst Warzone meta to date".

Black Ops Cold War integrated with Warzone on Dec. 16. Since then, it has brought with it plenty of new content, most importantly, the Cold War Weapons. Players are always looking for the weapons that are superior to the rest and eventually players found the DMR and MAC-10 to be those weapons.

Players left and right were using one of the two guns, the MAC-10 being an SMG with an incredibly high fire rate allows you to pump opponents full of lead before they get a single shot off at close range. And the DMR is a tactical rifle that allows you to fire off as many shots as quickly as you can pull the trigger. With the high fire power that the gun has, it allows you to get a quick two shot from distance to down an enemy. With both of these guns dominating almost every gunfight, it's clearly set some people off.

Dr. Disrespect has adamantly opposed all of this. Following getting downed by a MAC-10 Doc let it all out, saying, "Have to be honest, this MAC-10 meta is f***ing boring... I mean the gunfights are just so pathetic." Doc continued by saying Warzone needs a "content overhaul" and he'd, "rather watch Drone racing on ESPN 9."

Unfortunately we don't know how long it will be until the MAC-10 and DMR are either nerfed or replaced with other guns.