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Dr DisRespect Halo Infinite Skin is Fake

Photo by Dr DisRespect

During a Nov. 17 stream, Dr DisRespect himself may have accidently leaked his own Halo Infinite Skin, or did he?

About 45 minutes into his stream, the Doc was closing out a video on his stream before the image of a Dr DisRespect skin in Halo Infinite appeared on the screen.

Dr DisRespect Halo Infinite Skin is Fake

Fans took to twitter extremely quickly for more information about the skin and a potential release.

Dr DisRespect tweeted out the image of the skin with the caption, "Officially leaked..."

Naturally, this had fans in a frenzy as they believed that a Dr DisRespect skin was going to become available in Halo Infinite.

ESports news content creator, Jake Lucky, replied to the tweet by saying, "can confirm: this skin was not made by 343 studios."

Just like that, hope for a Dr DisRespect skin quickly vanished, at least for now.

The newest installment of the Halo franchise has been an immediate hit amongst it's fans and especially in the eSports community.

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