Dr.Disrespect Has Had Enough of Warzone 2


Content creator Dr. Disrespect decided to call it quits after a frustrating loss in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 during a recent livestream.

Warzone 2 has been recently going through some rough patches as of late. Massive drops in player count on Steam as well as the usual rounds of annoying game bugs have been the cause of many fans wondering whether the latest Call of Duty title is worth their time. Luckily, Infinity Ward recently launched its Season 1 Reloaded patch which comes jam-packed with many welcome gameplay improvements that hopefully improve the experience for fans of the series.

Unfortunately, they were not enough for Dr. Disrespect as he expressed his issues with the game on a livestream titled, "🔴LIVE - DR DISRESPECT - WARZONE 2 - NEW PATCH TO FIX EVERYTHING?" If you'd like to see where he begins to give his thoughts, make sure to start the video at the 3:31:00 mark.

During the livestream, audiences were able to see Dr. Disrespect quickly eliminated while trying to get on top of a nearby platform. This led to him venting out his issues with the game making mantling and reloading take way too long when weapon TTKs are extremely high. He felt that this among other things caused him to get needlessly angry when playing the game and criticized Warzone 2 for always putting him in a bad mood. This resulted in him uninstalling the game and stating that he was done with it for the time being.

Although that might've seemed like the final time fans would see Dr. Disrespect tear matches up on Warzone 2, he could make a return in the future when the game has seen some changes or adjustments. Until then, make sure to check out these Call of Duty articles for the latest news, tips, and guides.