Apex Legends

Dr Disrespect Not a Fan of Apex Legends Map Storm Point

Respawn Entertainment

Content creator Dr Disrespect has tweeted his thoughts on Apex Legends' new ranked split map and he does not seem to be pleased with the change.

Apex Legends is keeping with the Halloween spirit during its Fight or Fright event, which brings new cosmetics, maps, and modes to the game. This frightful event will be live from Oct. 4 through Nov. 1 and will be introducing exclusive game modes on a weekly basis. Players can also look forward to fun easter eggs during this event such as mysterious ghost sightings in Olympus After Dark that further celebrate the scary holiday.

Apex Legends announced the commencement of the second-ranked split on Sept. 27 which means players would now be combating on a new map. Competitors have been battling it out in Kings Canyon for the previous six weeks and will now be transitioning to Storm Point for the time being. These splits serve as soft resets for Apex Legends players to motivate continued competition.

This change in scenery is often met with debate as some view the change as refreshing, while others miss what the previous map had to offer. Famous internet celebrity Dr Disrespect has recently chimed in on his stance and leaned on the side of discontent. It appears he finds Storm Point to be less of a thrilling experience to play in than Kings Canyon. Although he and others are not pleased with the new setting, it does not look like any changes will be made to the playable map.