Call of Duty

Dr Disrespect Rages at the State of the Warzone Playerbase

“There’s literally nobody new playing Warzone anymore.”
“There’s literally nobody new playing Warzone anymore.” / Image courtesy of Dr Disrespect, Activision

Dr Disrespect was back at it again on Monday, taking his rage-filled Warzone tirades to new heights — arguing that the Call of Duty battle royale's playerbase is just about filled with "cockroaches" and "no-life, unemployed idiots."

As the countdown to the launch of Season 1 and the Warzone Pacific era next month continues to be watched closely, it is easy to reason why it could be a pretty dull time for those looking to grind out the game. Although the new Operation: Flashback LTM has just arrived, it can be difficult to truly celebrate the "end of Verdansk" for more casual players considering that at this point, there are a lot of those who have long mastered the map and its meta.

For the self-proclaimed "most ruthless, athletic competitor in video game history," this seems to be an especially tough pill to swallow.

Throughout Dr Disrespect's latest 7-hour Warzone session, the two-time was, as to be expected, greeted by plenty of camping, stream sniping "rats."

Ultimately, all those who've watched Doc already knew that he is far from a shy character, but the man sure still knows how to come up with some wild quotes.

“It’s f—— pathetic," Dr Disrespect said on stream, "especially on a Monday. There’s a lot of people who are unemployed. And they’re unemployed by choice, meaning they’re so f—— lazy. You know what I mean? They are 42 years old, they’re still with their mom, down in a basement, f—— out of shape. Pathetic.”

Of course, this could all easily just be for show, but with there being saliva spewed everywhere as well, it's safe to say that there were some emotions getting a bit out of hand here too.