Dragon Age: Dreadwolf: Who is Solas?

Photo courtesy of BioWare

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf was revealed on Thursday as the next installment in the series, and based on the title alone, Solas seems to be the main antagonist. Or there could be a chance that you're going to play as him or be on his side.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf: Who is Solas?

The history of Solas can be a bit confusing because it's built around myth, legend and propaganda. In ancient times, a group of powerful elven mages called the Evanuris believed themselves gods and created a false mythos around that narrative. Fen'Harel or better known as Solas led a rebellion against the corrupt Evanuris, banishing them into the veil. But in doing so, ruined the magic for the elves and fell into a deep slumber.

The elves were eventually destroyed and enslaved by humans without their use of magic, but the belief of the Evanuris as gods lived on, and many believed that Solas was a trickster who betrayed them,

Flash forward to the timeline of the games, and Solas is trying to undo what he has done. Wracked by guilt for causing the destruction of his people, he is trying to tear down the veil, causing unknown chaos and destruction around the world, so that his people can have their power again and rise above the oppression. That is where the game will pick up. After the conclusion of the DLC "Dragon Age: Inquisition – Trespasser."