Dragon Ball FighterZ Next-Gen Rollback Announced

Courtesy of Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball FighterZ developers Bandai Namco has just announced the addition of next-gen rollback netcode to the title. The rollback update will be arriving soon to PC, as well as the next-gen versions of Dragon Ball FighterZ which were just announced.

The hit fighting game based on the popular Dragon Ball franchise was originally released in 2018 using delay-based netcode. As a result, many players complained that they were experiencing issues when playing online, such as disconnects and generally unstable connections. Despite these issues, the game sold incredibly well. Dragon Ball FighterZ has sold over eight million copies and will sell even more with the release of the upcoming versions coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Next-Gen Rollback Announced

Rollback netcode has long been anticipated for Dragon Ball FighterZ. While delay-based netcode, which the game currently has, is prone to various lag and connection issues, rollback is seen as much more reliable. The change is expected to bring back many former players that left due to the online having consistent issues.

Despite the use of rollback netcode being a fairly common practice, what's more uncommon is that PC players will get to choose whether to use rollback or delay-based netcode once the update comes out. This is because using rollback will require greater system requirements to play at an optimal level.