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Dragonflight Pre-Patch Gear Explained

Blizzard Entertainment

Players looking to experience World of Warcraft: Dragonflight without having played Shadowlands will have access to catch-up armor.

While the official release of World of Warcraft's newest expansion, Dragonflight is set to release on Nov. 28, the pre-patch for the expansion will be available on Oct. 25, giving players access to a pre-patch event, Primal Storms.

For players looking to get their characters ready for the new expansion but haven't yet played through Shadowlands, Blizzard has you covered. Primal imbued enemies have a chance to drop catch-up equipment, high item leveled gear that will assist in playing through the previous expansion.

Here is Dragonflight pre patch equipment and gear explained.

Dragonflight Pre Patch Gear Explained

As stated before, catch-up gear will help low-geared players run through Shadowlands in time for the official release of Dragonflight. There are currently four sets of armor that players can get from either defeating primal-imbued enemies or by purchasing from Storm Hunter William in Stormwind or from Storm Huntress Suhrakka in Durotar.

  • Cloth set
  • Leather set
  • Mail set
  • Plate set

This gear is purchased using primeval essence which is this event's currency. Stormbender weapons and Cloudburst armor are also available from both venders.

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