Dragonmancer Rakan Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

Dragonmancer Rakan was revealed as one of four new skins coming to League of Legends supposedly in Patch 14.1.

There are plenty of Dragon-themed skins in League of Legends, but Dragonmancer itself seems to be a new skin line. Rakan headlines the skinline alongside Fiora, Kassadin and Vayne. Vayne will now have two Dragon skins alongside her original Dragonslayer skin. All four skins are now available on the PBE.

Here's everything you need to know about Dragonmancer Rakan coming to League of Legends.

Dragonmancer Rakan Skin Splash Art

Dragonmancer Rakan's splash art hasn't been made readily available yet. Once it is available, we'll add it to the story.

Dragonmancer Rakan Skin Price

Dragonmancer Rakan should cost 1,350 RP once it is released on live servers. Such is the standard price of skins in League of Legends nowadays. If the skin is actually Legendary, the price will be upped to 1,820 RP.

Dragonmancer Rakan Skin Release Date

Dragonmancer Rakan does not have a specified release date, as of writing. The last League of Legends patch for 2023, 13.24, went live Dec. 6 with no other patches slated for release between now and 14.1. That perhaps could change with Riot Games releasing a smaller update halfway through December, but Riot Games traditionally announces new skins on a patch day. Those skins are usually released in the following patch.

How to Get Dragonmancer Rakan Skin in League of Legends

Once Dragonmancer Rakan hits live servers, players will be able to purchase it in the store for RP. That is the only way to guarantee yourself the skin. Players can try their luck through other means in the Loot tab, but that won't guarantee players Dragonmancer Rakan.