DrDisrespect Exposes Cheater While Screaming in Frustration

DrDisrespect was not happy about being killed by a hacker.
DrDisrespect was not happy about being killed by a hacker. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Streamer DrDisrespect fell victim to a Call of Duty: Warzone hacker during a recent stream, and he took the opportunity to unleash a tirade of his trademark rage at the hacker in question.

Warzone is full of hackers despite Activision's best efforts to tamp down on the trend. These hackers often target streamers, as they're the quickest way to achieve notoriety thanks to their large audiences, and the bigger the streamer, the more likely they are to be on the receiving end of a hacker's assault rifle.

In the Doc's case, he was driving through Verdansk when another player opened fire on his truck. As soon as he jumped out, the other player mowed him down. The killcam showed that the player had locked onto the Doc, perfectly tracking his movements even as he teleported from inside the truck to outside by exiting it.

DrDisrespect went on to report the player, then let loose a rant about the hacker.

"Think about this person right now," he said. "Friday morning. Online. Pretty amazing, huh? Got four spectators on him."

The hacker continued to teabag DrDisrespect's corpse and do the thumbs up sign, taunting the Doc post-mortem.

"I mean look at this guy. What a piece of shit," DrDisrespect continued. "I would smack the shit out of this kid. I'll tell you that right now. And then his dad would come outside and go, 'Hey! What are you doing?' And then I'd smack him."

DrDisrespect's frustration is a (hyperbolized) reflection of the frustration many Warzone players feel when confronted with the game's cheating problem.