Call of Duty

DrDisrespect Not Happy With Warzone's Heroes vs Villians Event

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Notorious streamer DrDisrespect was quick to shoot down the newest season of Warzone. After stating multiple times throughout his career that he was done with Call of Duty, the Doc is back for the last season of Warzone.

Raven Software tried to go out with a bang, adding a new Heroes vs. Villians event, reworking Caldera and balancing the weapon meta. While the event is rather simple, choose a side, and earn tokens. At the end of the event, you'll earn cosmetic rewards based on the total tokens you earn,

Jump to 6:43 if you want to hear the Doc share his thoughts.

"Just the concept of these, you know, oh. How does that ever make it out of the boardroom? How does that not get crossed out on the whiteboard immediately?"

DrDisrespect has basically been critical of every game he's ever played. It's not a surprise as when you put in hundreds of hours in a single game, it's going to get tedious and tiring. Now with his own gaming studio and game on the horizon, the Doc can now watch other streamers complain endlessly about his game when they get bored.

Warzone 2 will probably be the same. Every streamer will flock back for the viewership and money, pumping out as much cash as they can until the days roll by and they're sick of it too.