DrLupo Warzone Loadout: How to Build His EBR-14 Sniper Rifle

How to make the Sniper Loadout DrLupo uses in Warzone.
How to make the Sniper Loadout DrLupo uses in Warzone. / Photo by DrLupo

DrLupo Warzone Loadout features a favorite of his: the EBR-14. Here's how to build DrLupo's sniper rifle in Warzone.

This build isn't too flashy; it's based on the Fleshwound Blueprint. You get the Rare Blueprint in the "The Unseen" bundle in the store. It will cost 1,400 COD points. If you don't need the Blueprint, you can make it with the following:


  • Tactical Suppressor
  • FORGE TAC Precision 22.0
  • Sniper Scope

DrLupo Warzone Loadout

DrLupo puts some modifications of his own, replacing the Tactical Suppressor with a Monolithic Suppressor. The Ranger foregrip goes on the bottom, as the vertical stability helps you land consecutive shots.

  • Blueprint: Fleshwound
  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Ranger Foregrip

At his side is an MP7. The build for the SMG is fairly standard: as long as it has at least a Monolithic Suppressor, 5mW Laser Sight and 60 Round Magazine you'll be in good shape.

The EBR-14 became a favorite of DrLupo when he discovered that it kills with one headshot at any distance. This was due to a glitch with the Blueprint he was using, as the same build without the Blueprint only killed in two. This has since been patched, but the EBR-14 is still a strong choice if you have the skill to back it up.