Drum Gun Fortnite: Internet Reacts to Weapon Getting Unvaulted

Drum Gun Fortnite is back! With all the vote counted, it is the Drum Gun that will make an appearance back in the game. But although Fortnite players gave the gun the most amount of votes, some players are certainly disappointed that of all the retired weapons, the "broken" Drum Gun has returned.

Previously retired weapons included the Guided Missile, Infinity Blades, and the X-4 Stormwing Airplane. Yet it is surprising that Fortnite players were nostalgic for the old Thompson sub-machine gun lookalike the most. The tweet below exhibits the awesome power of the Drum Gun...and perhaps offers hints to why the gun was Vaulted in the first place.

Drum Gun Fortnite

The most popular professional players seem to agree that the Drum Gun was a terrible choice to bring back. Higher level players typically don't like it when an overpowered, easy to use weapon bridges the skill level between players. You can see some of their laments in the following Tweets.

In truth, had the vote been different, an even more overpowered weapon could have made its return to the game. Imagine the Infinity Blade coming back and facing enemies who flew around the map slashing everything around them to bits. Would that be much better than the Drum Gun?

Photo courtesy of Epic Games