DualSense Edge Controller Has "Moderately Shorter" Battery Life Than Original

The DualSense Edge will release on Jan. 26, 2023.
The DualSense Edge will release on Jan. 26, 2023. / Sony

Sony's new DualSense Edge controller for the PlayStation 5 will reportedly have a "moderately shorter" battery life compared to the console's original DualSense controller, according to a statement by Sony.

As described in a hands-on impression by The Verge, the $200 controller is set to be Sony's answer to Microsoft's Xbox Elite controllers. The shorter battery life is said to be due to the extra features the new controller has over the original DualSense. Players can map most buttons on the controller to any other — except for the touchpad and system buttons such as Share.

The controller also features rear paddles, adjustable hair triggers and swappable stick tops. Players will also be able to set custom controller profiles, with options including:

  • Up to 3 profiles stored on the controller itself
  • Custom button assignments (e.g. to set up an FPS profile, driving profile, action-game profile, etc.)
  • Stick sensitivity and deadzone tuning
  • Trigger deadzone tuning
  • Vibration intensity
  • Trigger effect intensity

But the shorter battery life could be a dealbreaker for some. Sony's original DualSense already suffers from a limited battery, so to lessen that even more could lead to some hiccups. The DualSense Edge will come with a longer, braided cable for those that prefer playing wired and to limit any wireless interference.

Sony's statement, as published by The Verge, reads:

"The DualSense Edge wireless controller’s operating time is moderately shorter than the original DualSense wireless controller because we’ve included many more features within the same form factor and ergonomic design as the original DualSense controller. We wanted to strike a good balance between wireless operating time and delivering robust, high-performance features. Additionally, the longer USB braided cable is also great for competitive players who prefer playing with a wired connection to avoid wireless interference – this option preserves battery life."

The DualSense Edge will not have its own charging dock at launch, but will fit into Sony's current charging dock for the original DualSense controllers.

Sony's DualSense Edge will release on Jan. 26, 2023. Pre-orders are only available throughdirect.playstation.com.