Dune: Awakening Release Date Information


Dune: Awakening received a pre-alpha trailer at the Game Awards, giving MMO fans something to be excited about. While release date information is scarce, we have some options.

The developers described the game as "weaving together Open World Survival and MMO elements into a Dune tapestry that brings Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece to life in a completely unique way."

"In Dune: Awakening you strive to survive on the most dangerous planet in the universe alongside thousands of other players. Explore your role and identity while experiencing an epic personal journey, from searching for water and building shelters against storms to controlling the flow of spice in the top echelons of Arrakis."

Dune: Awakening Release Date Information

For now, players can sign up for the beta and wishlist it on Steam. It doesn't have a specific date, but based on the beta sign up and the wishlist, players can safely assume a late 2023 or early 2024 release date. Things could always be delayed or pushed back, but based on the trailer, and information we have, these are solid release windows.