Dune: Spice Wars: What We Know So Far

Photo courtesy Shiro Games

Dune: Spice Wars announcement trailer was released on Dec. 9, 2021. Introducing the upcoming game as a readaptation of the series Dune into a video game. The book series has been readapted before into films, but now, gamers will get to experience the game in an interactive experience, especially for those that loved the initial series, hopefully, the developers will stay as true to the series as possible. But what we know of the game and its release is still very unknown.

Dune: Spice Wars: What We Know So Far

Initially released at The Game Awards 2021, the trailer showed a cartoonish-like design of a desert with dubbed voicing intensifying the impact of the game. As developers had stated the reason for the cartoonish design is to really define the desert that Dune: Spice Wars takes place in.

As Shiro Games stated "We spent a lot of time working on the environment and even worked with a geologist specialized in deserts to create things that could exist on such a planet. The stylized art direction comes into play by adding things that bring a variety of colors and shapes so that the environment can stay harsh while not getting boring."

The game will be a combination of RTX and X genres, as the game is real-time but a bit slower, being able to pause and fast forward, the game comes with the encouragement to explore and oversee the overall landscape of Arrakis.

As the generated landscapes will be provided barriers for players in order to make players advance to maneuver across the dangerous desert.

The release date of the game has not yet been confirmed, but is speculated to be exhibited on Steam shelves later in the year.