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Dwightcrow Charm: How to Earn it in Dead by Daylight

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

The Dwightcrow Charm was introduced in celebration of the Halloween season, a perfect time to play Dead by Daylight. Behaviour Interactive has a lot planned for October, even releasing a full roadmap of sorts for the Halloween event.

Mostly centered around the Hour of the Witch, the newest survivor arrived on Sept. 28 on the PTB and revealed a whole new type of totem: Boon Totem

As described in the developer update, "Survivors will be able to bless a totem to change it into a Boon Totem and these blessings are designed to offer comfort to the Survivor Team, a small safe haven. However, unlike a Hex Totem, the Killer can also quickly interact with the created Boon Totem to completely remove the associated blessing, once again turning it into a dull totem, they will also be able to hear the Boon Totem when in its range. Each Survivor can only have one Boon Totem active at a time. This Boon Totem will combine the effects of all of their equipped Boon perks."

Dwightcrow Charm: How to Earn it in Dead by Daylight

But for those looking for a cool cosmetic of sorts, Behaviour has given players a free charm. Simply use the code DWIGHTCROW on PC or console and you'll receive the charm. There is a time limit as it's only available between Oct. 1 through Oct. 31.

Players can also enjoy The Fine Dining Collection which is in the store for 1,080 Auric Cells. It costs $4.50 for 500 cells and $8.99 for 1,100. So the skin isn't cheap.