Dying Light 2 Character Customization Detailed

Photo courtesy Techland

Character customization in Dying Light 2 Stay Human has been a nice addition to the game as players don’t necessarily want to wear the same thing throughout the storyline or stick with the default outfit. Instead, players can select between a wide selection of 500 different outfits to choose one that is best suited for their survival playstyle.

Dying Light 2 Character Customization Detailed

Once finding the ‘Menu’ option, players can go into the inventory of Aiden Caldwell and change out different parts of the body. Players can switch out different styles of outfits to other types of outfits, being able to individually select what to put onto the main character.

As outfits can in fact boost the performance of the character, it can make Caldwell stronger and more capable against the infected. They can be found by scavenging around the open world or by buying them from merchants at any survivor hub.

When scavenging for gear, the more dangerous the area is and if the area is at night, the better players' chances are at getting better gear. These areas can otherwise be called GRE Anomaly zones.

It is important to note that players cannot change the character itself, as they must play Aiden Caldwell exactly as he looks.