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Dying Light 2 New Game Plus Launches Tomorrow

Image courtesy of Techland

Players looking to get a little more out of their Dying Light 2 play through have plenty to be excited for.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is set to get its next update tomorrow, Wednesday April 27. Patch 1.3.0. will add a variety of new endgame content, including its New Game+ mode. Players will be able to carry over their progression, skills and equipment into a new game, though some items such as the paraglider will need to be obtained again through the story.

With New Game+ comes its own challenges; enemies will scale with the player's level, meaning that your second time around should prove to be a little more difficult. Certain encounters will be particularly tough, and a new mission titled "Something Big Has Been Here" seems to hint at something particularly frightful.

Techland revealed in a recent video that they had plans for a New Game+ initially, but certain other priorities needed to be taken care of first - such as stablizing the game and fixing any major issues.

New Game+ also adds in 30 new inhibitors so players can continue to grow and max out their character. But, according to Techland, it won't be so easy to get your hands on them. Players will need to solve some puzzles along the way.

In the new patch, players will also be able to take part in some new parkour challenges, which add in a new medal to obtain - Platinum Medals.

Fans of Dying Light will no doubt be keen to dive back into the game with this latest patch, and they won't have much longer to wait. Patch 1.3.0. will be available tomorrow across all platforms.