Dying Light 2 Safe Codes: All Codes for Safe Combinations

We’ve compiled a full list of codes for every safe in Dying Light 2.
We’ve compiled a full list of codes for every safe in Dying Light 2. / Techland Publishing

We’ve compiled a full list of codes for every safe in Dying Light 2.

There are few things more frustrating in a video game than discovering an unlockable safe and not being able to uncover the combination nearby. Whether it's not available in the immediate area, extremely well-hidden, or just an annoyance to get to, the codes to these chests can be an absolute chore to find. Dying Light 2 is no exception—and that’s where we come in.

Below, we’ve uncovered every code for all the safes in Dying Light 2.

Full List of Dying Light 2 Safe Codes

There are seven safes in Dying Light 2. We’ve listed each combination for each safe below, according to its location in the game:

  • Bazaar Church Bell Tower: 5-1-0
  • Broadcast: 3-1-4
  • Downtown Bandit Camp: 3-1-3
  • First Biomarker: 9-7-3
  • Moonshine: 14-9-2
  • Nightrunner‘s Hideout: 1-0-1
  • Treasure Hunt: 3-21-67

Most of these codes can be found nearby either hidden in plain sight or scrawled on some sort of interactable item. This is common with functions where players need to unlock a safe, chest, or otherwise. After all, no one likes backtracking halfway across the map just to finally unlock a chest they found in the first few hours of gameplay.

Of course, there are ways to open these safes without needing to know the code outright. Dying Light 2 has a safe-cracking feature that allows players to uncover the correct numbers needed to open each safe. Players who play using a controller will be able to feel a twitch of haptic feedback while twisting the safe’s knob.

Upon rotating past a correct number, the controller will rumble softly, indicating that number is part of the code. However, the exact order in which the number should be used will not be as freely given.

More information about breaking into places and caches that are meant to be locked up can be found in our companion article about lockpicking in Dying Light 2.