Dying Light 2 Safe Zones: How Do They Work?

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Dying Light 2 safe zones are scattered across the open world as they act as areas where players won’t have to worry about the Infected trying to attack them. Positioned in inaccessible places where the Infected can’t get to and surrounded by UV light, these areas act as a rest point for the player, especially at night.

Dying Light 2 Safe Zones: How Do They Work?

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, there are safe zones spread across the map that can help the main character, Aiden Caldwell, as well as other NPC characters, rest for the night.

These areas can be quite helpful as they can act as a respawn point after you die and have a bed action so that players can shift between daytime and nighttime as well as heal themselves.

Besides bed, players also get the stash option, which allows them to hide items into a larger inventory if they need to. They also have a bounty board in order to see what kind of challenges and missions are available for the player to complete.

These locations can be found at Nightrunner Hideouts, which are rooftops or abandoned buses. Other locations can consist of Windmills, Infrastructure facilities and bandit camps, and some require an affiliation or interaction with a faction that controls those areas.

Locations will usually have UV lights surrounding the area as well as barbed wire or some kind of protective layer to protect the area from the Infected.

Information for Each Safe Zone Location

For the Nightrunner Hideouts, players must find a generator and turn it on in order to power the entire camp. Once you've found a generator, press the ‘F’ key multiple times to turn it on, or for console, follow the instructions listed on the screen that tells the player how to turn on the generator.

In bandit camps, players must clear out the area in order to make it a safe zone to occupy. This may include taking out biters and Infected as well as blockading certain entrances in order to make sure that they don’t come through, as well as turning on the generator to make the UV lights turn on.

Every safe zone must be unlocked by exploration before using it in the future. If a safe zone is not unlocked, it will be displayed on the map as a red house symbol. If a safe zone is activated and usable, the symbol will be a green house.

There are special safe zones that can be activated through side quests or made permanently unavailable as players progress throughout the game.