E3 Leaks: Everything That Has Come Out Before E3

E3 leaks have revealed several games and features set to be announced next week. Here's a roundup.
E3 leaks have revealed several games and features set to be announced next week. Here's a roundup. /

E3 leaks are the gift that keeps on giving, as games and more hit the internet ahead of their scheduled reveals. Several leaks and reports have given fans an indication of what to expect from the conference, with additional spice provided by a slew of somewhat credible rumors. Here's everything to come out in the days before the conference kicks off.

E3 Leaks: Confirmed Titles

One of the first and biggest leaks of the event has been the reveal of Watch Dogs Legion, the third title in the series. After an Amazon UK listing spoiled the title, Ubisoft stepped in to confirm the leak and start the hype cycle slightly ahead of schedule. Fans can expect a major push behind this game, with a healthy amount of info revealed at E3.

E3 Leaks: Unconfirmed, Reported and Datamined

Destiny 2's leaks began with information about its next expansion, Shadowkeep. Data mining in the latest patch shows that the expansion will send players back to the moon when it releases in fall. Kotaku has also confirmed that Bungie will officially unveil the expansion during a live stream Thursday.

Kotaku also reported that Destiny 2 will be available through Google Stadia, the company's forthcoming game streaming service. Players will be able to transfer their Destiny 2 progress among Xbox, PC and Stadia, with PlayStation 4 compatibility remaining up in the air.

Moving away from Destiny, WindowsCentral reported that Microsoft plans to announce updates to Xbox Live Profiles and Gamertags. Players will reportedly be able to create any name they want, with duplicate names displaying a hash number at their ends. Players will also be able to create different names for different games.

Microsoft is also rumored to be revealing a new Fable title. Previous reporting from Eurogamer has indicated the title is being developer by PlayGround Games, and a new leak appeared on Reddit on Monday purporting to show gameplay footage. An alleged industry insider, writing on NeoGAF, claimed the title would be a new start for the franchise, rather than Fable 4.

E3 conferences get underway Sunday, starting with Microsoft's presentation, at 4 p.m. ET.

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft