EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Position Modifiers Removed

EA Sports

EA Sports has revealed a major quality of life and system change to Ultimate Team in EA FC 24 in today's Pitch Notes.

Position Modifiers have been officially removed from Ultimate Team moving forward. "To make squad building even easier, we’ve completely removed the Position Modifier consumables. You can now seamlessly move Player Items around the Squad and the player will automatically start contributing to Chemistry in their Primary and Alternative Positions," EA Sports said.

Position Modifiers underwent a major overhaul in FIFA 23, and it seems EA Sports wasn't too happy with the results.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Position Modifiers Removed

At first, Position Modifiers were used to change a player's position for squad building chemistry purposes. And those positions were set in stone. Any left sided midfielder could line up as a LM, LW or LF. Same goes for central based players. Any midfielder could be a CDM, CM, CAM, CF or ST. It created a slew of packable cards and EA Sports wanted to clean that up.

Those issues were remedied in FIFA 23 when EA Sports introduced alternate positions. Players when released would have a base position and possibly alternative positions. There was a new Position Modifier card that would alter a player's position immediately for chemistry purposes.

Now, in EA FC 24, there's no need for Position Modifiers. Moving a player into a position where they have an eligible alternate position will automatically change that card's position.

How Does the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Position Modifier Removal Affect Draft?

Great news for all the Ultimate Team Draft enthusiasts. Players will now automatically swap to an eligible alternate position in Draft. No more worries of having a LW that can't fit in your 4-2-2. A major change that should increase Draft's playability.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team SBC Changes With Position Modifiers Gone

With no more Position Modifiers, this could mean the return of Squad Chemistry overall when building SBCs. Squad Chemistry was put to the wayside for numerous SBC formats this year. Marquee Matchups still had segments that required a certain amount of Chemistry, but Player SBCs never featured a Chemistry requirement. This new change might bring back Chemistry requirements which can have an affect on player values on the transfer market.