EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Squad Battles Match Length Reduced

EA Sports

EA Sports has revealed a major change to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Squad Battles reducing the match length by four minutes.

Squad Battles has been an integral part of EA Sports' offerings in the popular game mode for years now. It's a great way for players to complete objectives easily, hone their skills against AI and earn some rewards. Though, the game mode has become a bit stale with players preferring real life opponents instead. It becomes a slog to go into Squad Battles and complete promotional objectives.

So, EA Sports is adding a major quality of life update to Squad Battles in the new EA FC era.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Squad Battles Match Length Reduced

"The feedback from the community regarding Squad Battles has been that matches feel too long. We are happy to announce that in EA SPORTS FC​​™ 24, we are reducing the length of each half from 6 minutes to 4 minutes so you can make the most out of each time you pick up the controller," EA Sports said in the Pitch Notes.

This is a major upgrade reducing the time of matches by four minutes overall. Squad Battles can remain that game mode where players hope to get objectives done quickly while not taking away from time climbing up the Rivals ladder or qualifying for the Weekend League.

What is EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Squad Battles?

Squad Battles is one of the three premier Ultimate Team game modes alongside Rivals and Champions. Players battle against a selected AI difficulty to earn points. Those points are then used to determine what rewards players will be granted at the end of a week. Rewards update throughout the year. The game mode is primarily played to complete objectives when eligible.

You can read the full EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Pitch Notes here.